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2021 EEG Exam October 22-23 in Toronto, Ontario


02 June 2021

The CSCN EEG examination committee is currently planning to proceed with an on-site exam on Friday, October 22, 2021 and Saturday, October 23, 2021 in Toronto ahead of the CNSF Congress.

Please be advised that dates, times, location, and delivery format may be subject to change depending upon how the pandemic unfolds over the ensuing months. We continue to thank all prospective candidates for their patience and understanding.

EEG Examination Eligibility and Requirements

EEG Notice 2021 *Application Deadline - September 2, 2021
EEG Exam Deferral/Withdrawal Policy

CSCN does not accept examination deferrals.

EEG Appeal Process

For those unsuccessful candidates who have concerns about fairness of the examinations, an appeal process has been put in place. To activate the review process, the candidate must make the request in writing and explicitly state the reasons for concerns.

Direct Examination Questions To:

Marika Fitzgerald
Tel: (403) 229-9544