EMG Examination | CSCN

2023 EMG Exam - JUNE 10th

The CSCN is currently planning an on-site EMG exam on Saturday, June 10, 2023.

For full details and application form please visit: https://www.emgexams.com/

*Applications received after the March 1st deadline will be waitlisted

EMG Examination Eligibility and Requirements

General Guidelines
Entrustable Professional Activities

Signed Confirmation of EMG Training Page 2 of CSCN Examination Application is required.

Participation in the EMG Examination is contingent upon receipt of this signed document.

EMG Exam Deferral/Withdrawal Policy

CSCN does not accept deferrals.

EMG Appeal Process

For those unsuccessful candidates who have concerns about fairness of the examinations, an appeal process has been put in place. To activate the review process, the candidate must make the request in writing and explicitly state the reasons for concerns.

Direct Examination Questions To:

Kasandra Amaro
Tel: (403) 229-9544