2020-2021 Webinar series | CSNR

Imaging of Brachial plexus

Featured Speaker: Carlos Torres

Original air date: May 4, 2021  Running time: 1 hour


Featured Speaker: Walter Kucharczyk

Original air date: April 6, 2021  Running time: 1 hour


Globe pathology and devices

Featured Speaker: Benjamin Kwan

Original air date: March 2, 2021  Running time: 1 hour

Perineural spread

Featured Speaker: Eugene Yu

Original air date: February 2, 2021  Running time: 1 hour

Imaging of Epilepsy

Featured Speaker: Matthias Schmidt

Original air date: November 3, 2020  Running time: 1 hour

Neuroimaging of lgG 4 associated disease

Featured Speaker: Dean Jeffery

Original air date: October 6, 2020  Running time: 1 hour

Update on COVID Neuroradiology findings

Featured Speaker: Timo Krings

Original air date: September 1, 2020  Running time: 1 hour