prepOSCE Program | Involvement

Need for faculty involvement to assist in the development and evaluation of prepOSCE sessions.

The CNSF is working to develop a prepOSCE pre Royal College examination program for our residents in late April - early May.

What When How of the PrepOSCE Program

I am writing to seek your involvement as a consulting faculty and evaluator in the development of a virtual program to help prepare neurology residents for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) conducted by the Royal College. A brief needs assessment survey conducted among 19 residents and 5 program directors captured OSCE as the most important requirement for their exam preparation.

The OSCE preparation program (prepOSCE) will be conducted over a virtual meeting platform, and will have patient case scenarios structured in a format that exactly mimics the actual OSCE. You can contribute to this initiative by coming onboard as a faculty that contributes a case scenario, as an evaluator or both. We also need two physicians to lead the Program’s development with CTC Communications, a company contracted to do the majority of the ‘heavy lifting’.

Dates: Between April 29 and May 14, 2021. We will conduct ~10 prepOSCE sessions, spread over 5-7 days to reach 70 Residents. Each prepOSCE session is for a duration of ~3 hours.

Job Description, Evaluator 

  • As an evaluator, you would conduct a prepOSCE station on the virtual platform
  • You would be assigned a patient case scenario, using which you would:
    • Present tasks to the examinee
    • Answer any questions the examinee may have in relation to the scenario
    • Evaluate the examinee and report the evaluation
  • In a prepOSCE session, you would evaluate 7 Residents, over a 3-hour time period
  • It is recommended that you sign up for at least 2 prepOSCE sessions, which amounts to a 6-hour commitment, in order for you to feel comfortable with the virtual prepOSCE sessions.
  • There is no limit to the number of sessions you can sign up for. The prepOSCE sessions will be spread over 5-7 days, so you can choose sessions based on your availability.

Job Description, Faculty

  • As faculty, you would create a case scenario to be used at a prepOSCE Station
  • You would create a detailed patient case scenario replete with:
    • Patient presentation
    • Diagnosis
    • Medical history
    • Vital signs
  • You would also create an evaluation form to capture the tasks that the examinee performed
  • The case scenario will be built on lines of the ones used for the actual OSCE sessions of the Royal College Examination
  • We estimate a case scenario to take about 6 hours to develop

Your options for participation, time commitment and honorarium for each are outlined below:

Faculty that does content AND evaluation= Time commitment (6 hours content writing + 12 hours for evaluation)

             Content writing for one scenario                                                                     $1,200.

             Evaluation for 4 prep OSCE sessions of 3 hours each                                  $1,800.


 Faculty that does content writing for one scenario                                           $1,200.

             6-hour commitment for content writing

Faculty that does evaluation only                                                                             $1,800  

             12-hour commitment-evaluation for 4prepOSCE sessions

                                Of 3 hours each

We look forward to your participation in this initiative. If interested please contact me at the coordinates below to discuss this further and/or to learn more about the Program.


Stuart Menzies

CTC Communications Or call me at: (905) 712-3636 , xt 2253

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) has received funding from Roche and Novartis to supporting this initiative with the aim of helping neurology residents prepare for their OSCE component of the Royal College Examination.