Associate Societies | CNSF

Associate Societies of the CNSF are professional societies that have similar goals to the CNSF.

Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN)

Mandate: The purpose of the Association shall be to:

  • Promote communication among neuroscientists throughout Canada.
  • Represent the interests of Canadian neuroscientists at national and international levels.
  • Promote research in all disciplines contributing to the understanding of the nervous system.
  • Contribute to the advancement of education in the Neurosciences.
  • Provide for and assist in the dissemination to the general public of the results of current Neuroscience research and its significance in relation to health and disease.
  • Raise funds and to provide income for the above purposes.
Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (CAPM&R)

Mandate: The CAPM&R represents and promotes the interests of the specialty of physiatry in Canada by providing and maintaining a national forum and network. It advances and increases awareness of the specialty through strategic alliances and partnerships, public policy and, most importantly, professional and practice development.

The Canadian Apheresis Group (CAG)

Mandate: The Canadian Apheresis Group (CAG) consists of representatives of all centres performing therapeutic apheresis in Canada. Its role is to collect data on all procedures performed and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and to survey complications associated with it.

As a national organization it will provide liaison with other national and international apheresis societies. It will promote the study of apheresis by encouraging cooperative clinical trials across Canada and in association with international bodies and it will foster basic research into the mechanisms of the diseases treated.

The CAG will aid in the assessment and application of new and innovative techniques of apheresis and will provide education and advice to Canadian practitioners to ensure that the technique of therapeutic apheresis is applied in a humane and scientifically sound manner across the country, with optimal cost efficiency and preservation of our national blood supply.