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To enhance the care of patients with diseases of the nervous system through education, advocacy, and improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Canadian Society of Neuroradiology is the 5th Society to join the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation. Canadian neuroradiologists are collaborators with neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuroscientists and therefore the CNSF is the perfect fit for the CSNR. Forming these multidisciplinary relationships is essential to establishing and maintaining a significant role within the medical community, and facilitating advancements in the research of neurological disorders.

The CSNR Board of Directors manages the business, initiatives and finances of the CSNR. The board also appoints CSNR member representatives to sit on various CNSF committees including the Professional Development Committee and the Scientific Program Committee. The CSNR President and Vice President also serve on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF).

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As a member of the Canadian Society of Neuroradiology, you are automatically a member of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation. Discover the benefits that CNSF Membership can bring and become a member of the CSNR.

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