Governance | CNSF

a federation representing six national specialty societies

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) is a not-for-profit federation, managing six National Specialty Societies that deal with the management and prevention of neurologic conditions and diseases. The CNSF is governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by an elected President.

CNSF Board of Directors

The CNSF Board consists of two members; the President and Vice President from each of the CNSF Member Societies, the CNSF President and four Vice-Presidents of the Board who are appointed from the general membership of the six Member Societies, one Neurology or Neurosurgery resident (alternating), the immediate Past-Chair of the Board and the CNSF Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

An elected CNSF Executive Committee including a Vice President from each of the six Member Societies also chaired by the CNSF President. The Executive Committee possesses and may exercise all of the powers of the Board as legally delegated. The CNSF CEO participates in and contributes to all Board and Executive Committee meetings.

Society Board of Directors

Each of the six Member Societies are governed by their own Board of Directors, chaired by an elected President.

Each Society Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, and Past President, with elected provincial Directors and two residents’ representatives. The President and Vice President from each Member Society represent their society members’ interests to the CNSF Board.

This unique partnership of Canadian neurologists, neurosurgeons, clinical neurophysiologists, child neurologists and neuroradiologists form the 'Membership’ of the CNSF. Supporting the neuroscience professions in Canada, and particularly those members of the CNSF Member Societies, through education, advocacy, membership services and research promotion.

The federation is committed to its Vision and Mission, through initiatives identified within the CNSF Strategic Priorities; Continuing Professional Development, Membership Value and Advocacy. Responsibility for expanding and putting these elements into operation are assigned to one or more of the CNSF Constituent Societies, Committees, or the Secretariat.