Canadian Stroke Consortium | CSC

Who Are We?

The Canadian Stroke Consortium is the national professional association for physicians interested in stroke. Our associate members are colleagues who represent other disciplines involved in stroke prevention and treatment. Together, we are committed to reducing the burden of stroke through the translation of clinical research into clinical practice.

In 2021, the Canadian Stroke Consortium became a 6th Society under the CNSF. This unique partnership will benefit all neuroscience professions in Canada, through education, advocacy, membership services and research promotion.

Benefits of Membership

As a "Full Professional Association Member" of the Canadian Stroke Consortium, you are automatically a member of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation. Discover the benefits of CNSF Membership.

*The CSC invites all CNSF members to utilize the professional resources available on the CSC website. To access these resources, please click here to set up your user account.

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The 15th World Stroke Congress (WSC 2023) will assemble the international stroke community to work together to reduce the burden of stroke by delivering improvements in prevention, treatment and recovery. Join global professionals to discuss the latest science, clinical trials, breakthroughs and guidelines to stroke prevention.

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