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The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences (CJNS) has a published series of resident interviews with Canadian Leaders in Neurology. These interviews focus on mentorship, career pearls, and the future directions of Canadian neurology. This initiative originated with the Canadian Neurological Society and the CNS Resident Representatives. The resulting interviews have proven to be intelligent, insightful, and fun. They also provide rewarding experiences and connections for both the resident and their featured “leader”.

In 2023, this series expanded to include Canadian Leaders in Pediatric Neurology, accepting interview submissions from CACN resident members.

If you are a Junior member of the CNS, and you are interested in interviewing a leader in your profession, please contact: 


Canadian Leader in Neurology: Dr. Esther Bui

Featured Dr. Esther Bui

Interviewed by Hayley F. Thornton

Canadian Leader in Neurology: G. Bryan Young

Featured Dr. G. Bryan Young

Interviewed by Erica D. McKenzie

Michael W. Nicolle: Canadian Leader in Neurology

Featured Dr. Michael W. Nicolle

Interviewed by Ario Mirian

Dr. Anthony Lang: Canadian Leaders in Neurology

Featured Dr. Anthony Lang

Interviewed by Jane Liao 

Patrick Cossette: Canadian Leader in Neurology

Featured Dr. Patrick Cossette

Interviewed by Joel Neves Briard

Luanne Metz: Canadian Leader in Neurology

Featured Dr. Luanne Metz

Interviewed by Parichita Choudhury

Jack Antel: Canadian Leader in Neurology

Featured Dr. Jack Antel

Interviewed by Adil Harroud

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