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"Dr. Andermann showed a remarkable ability to identify rare neurological syndromes and assemble multidisciplinary teams of researchers to better understand these unusual presentations and to provide patients and families with hope for treatment."

Fred Andermann Lecture

Dr. Fred Andermann was a leading member of the Canadian Association of Child Neurology and was the President of the CACN in 1985 and 1986.

He always attended the annual meeting and will be remembered by many as the after-dinner raconteur, with his endless supply of jokes and stories.

Fred had an incredible intellect and is internationally recognized for his contributions to child neurology, especially in epilepsy, and his ability to recognize and describe rare and new conditions. He taught physicians from around the world who came to learn from him, many of whom became international leaders in their own right.

Given his contributions to the CACN and to our field – we honour Dr. Andermann with the “Andermann Lecture” during Child Neurology Day, at the annual CNSF Congress.

CACN Day organizers, will recognize one of our CACN Day speaking members as the Andermann Lecturer. This selection will be based on their own outstanding contributions to child neurology or research excellence and their talk will be relative to the CACN theme of the year. We anticipate that the presenter will be inspired to continue the spirit of Dr Fred Andermann.

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Past Recipients

2024 Recipient - Dr. Elizabeth Donner - Understanding Mortality in Children with Epilepsy

2023 Recipient - Dr. Nomazulu Dlamini - New Horizons in Pediatric Moyamoya

2022 Recipient - Dr. Cecil D. Hahn - Innovative approaches to seizure detection in the critical care unit