Planning Committee | CNSF Congress

Members of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and Scientific Program Committee (SPC) form the CNSF Congress Planning Committee. 

These Committees, with input from each CNSF Society, are essentially responsible for planning, developing and implementing the Congress Program. These Committees are informed by feedback from previous Congress attendees through the individual session evaluations and overall Congress assessments, the CNSF Membership Survey and other related information and feedback to assist in the development of the Scientific Program for each Congress.

Take some time to thank these CNSF Society members for their dedication, commitment and efforts on behalf of you and your Society.

congress planning committee members | 2023

• Joe Megyesi, CNSF SPC Chair, CNSS
• Gerald Pfeffer, CNSF SPC Vice Chair, CNS
• Cian O’Kelly, CNSF PDC Chair, CNS
• David Mikulis, CNSF PDC Vice Chair, CSNR
• Alexandre Henri-Bhargava, CNS PDC
• Draga Jichici, CNS SPC
• Maryam Nouri, CACN PDC
• David Callen, CACN SPC
• Hugh McMillan, CACN SPC
• Michelle Mezei, CSCN SPC
• Kristen Ikeda, CSCN SPC
• Seyed Mirsattari, CSCN PDC
• Jai Shankar, CSNR SPC
• Brett Graham, CSC SPC
• Ravinder Singh, CSC SPC

• Sashi Perera, CSC SPC
• Lindsey Vogt, CACN Resident Rep
• Jessie Kulaga-Yoskovitz, CACN Jr Resident Rep
• Michael Rizzuto, CNSS Resident Rep
• Katherine Tourigny, CNSS Jr Resident Rep
• Shane Arsenault, CNS Resident Rep
• Hayley Thornton, CNS Jr Resident Rep
• Daniel Duggan, CSNR Resident Rep
• Michael Hill, CNSF President (CNS)
• Tejas Sankar, CNSF Vice President (CNSS)
• Fraser Moore, CNSF Vice President (CSCN)
• Cecil Hahn, CNSF Vice President (CACN)
• Donatella Tampieri, CNSF Vice President (CSNR)
• Christian Stapf, CNSF Vice President (CSC)
• Dan Morin, CNSF CEO

Thank you.