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Grand Plenary | CNSF Congress

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) hosts an annual Canadian Congress with four days of accredited scientific courses to assist our members, and others, with their Continuing Professional Development and Maintenance of Certification. The Grand Plenary session is an integral part of the Congress program, featuring Distinguished Guest Lecturers renowned in their fields.

Past Plenary Speakers | CSCN

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation is pleased to recognize our past plenary guest lecturers.

2023 Recipient - Jodi Warman-Chardon (Ottawa)

2022 Recipient - Daniel Friedman (New York)

2019 Recipient - Donald B Sanders (North Carolina)

2018 Recipient - Robert S Fisher (Stanford, California)

2017 Recipient - Nens van Alfen (Netherlands)

2016 Recipient - Andres Kanner (Miami)

2015 Recipient - Andrew Mammen (Maryland)

2014 Recipient - Daniel Lowenstein (San Francisco)

2013 Recipient - Eva Feldman (Michigan)

2012 Recipient - Lawrence Hirsch (Connecticut)

2011 Recipient - Angela Vincent (Oxford, UK)

2010 Recipient - G Campbell Teskey (Calgary)

2009 Recipient - Michael Sinnreich (Montreal)

2008 Recipient - Warren Blume (London)

2007 Recipient - Anthony A Amato (Boston)

2006 Recipient - Daniel Lowenstein (San Francisco)

2005 Recipient - Keith Chiappa (Boston)