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cnsr society Prize

The CSNR Society Prize is awarded for the best expanded abstract in diagnostic or interventional neuroradiology either by a resident or fellow.

  • The CSNR Society Prize will consist of:
    • Platform presentation of your work at the CNSF Congress
    • A Prize Certificate
    • $500 cash
    • Full registration to the Congress
    • Travel to the Congress (economy fare)
    • 3 nights’ accommodation
General Requirements for all CSNR Prize Submissions
  • Contestants must be a member in good standing with any one of the six Societies of the CNSF; as a Junior member or a Full member within two years of receiving their Royal College certificate. (Become a Member | CNSF)
  • Contestants need not be the sole authors, but should have been primarily responsible for the work being presented.
  • Contestants must submit a letter from their program director indicating that the work was done by the trainee, and was principally the work of the trainee (resident or fellow), during training.
  • Contestants must submit a small biography which indicates where the candidate is in their residency or in a diploma program, and listing other work that he/she has done.
  • Contestants must submit a structured abstract, expanded up to, but not exceeding 3 pages, which is to include any figures, tables, and necessary references. Submissions longer than 3 pages of single spaced typing will not be considered. The format followed should consist of Background, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Contestants must submit a letter from their program chair indicating that the work was done by the resident and was principally the work of that resident.
  • Those submitting an expanded abstract for a Society Prize must also submit their basic abstract to the CNSF Congress, as instructed in the Call for Abstracts.
  • The Congress Abstract submission process is independent from the Society Prize submission process.
Submission Details
  • Society Prize submissions accepted by email ONLY, on or before JANUARY 15, 2024
  • Clearly indicate name of Society Prize you are submitting for; CSNR Society Prize
  • Include title of expanded abstract and the 'basic abstract number' submitted to the CNSF Congress
  • Submissions should be sent as three separate PDF files label: last name_
    • 'Letter' from program director
    • 'Biography'
    • 'Expanded Abstract' (not exceeding 3 pages)

Applicants for this prize should send their submissions to:

Canadian Society of Neuroradiology