Society Prize Winners | CNSF Congress

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2023 Society Prize Winners!

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation is pleased to acknowledge the 2023 Society Prize Winners.

Prize winners had the opportunity to present their work at the 2023 Congress during the Grand Rounds on Friday, June 9th starting at 8:30 AM and the Anti-NMDA winner an e-poster during one of the Poster Moderated Sessions.

The abstracts from these submissions, and all other CNSF accepted abstracts for the 2023 Congress, will be published within the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences (CJNS).

2023 CNSF Congress Abstract Supplement

David Pellerin | CNS André Barbeau Memorial Prize
“A Deep Intronic FGF14 GAA Repeat Expansion Causes Late-Onset Cerebellar Ataxia”

Foad Taghdiri | CNS Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize
“Socioeconomical disparities in acute ischemic stroke revascularization interventions in Ontario, Canada”

Jodie Roberts | CNS Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation Prize
“Antibody testing for autoimmune encephalitis: a multisite study examining clinical practices in a large Canadian city”

Laureen D. Hachem | CNSS K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Basic Neuroscience Research
“Harnessing the endogenous regenerative potential of the injured spinal cord”

Armaan Malhotra | CNSS K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Clinical Neuroscience Research
“Artificial intelligence-based decision support predicts requirement for neurosurgical intervention in acute traumatic brain injury: Automated Surgical Intervention Support Tool (ASIST-TBI) development, validation and simulated prospective deployment”

Talyta Grippe | CSCN Herbert Jasper Prize
“Neurophysiological and Clinical Effects of Low-intensity Transcranial Ultrasound of the Motor Cortex in Parkinson’s Disease”

Ahmed Sahly | CACN President's Prize
“Different Functional Consequences Result in Different Phenotypes in CLCN4-Related Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy”


Michael MacMillan-Wang | CSNR Society Prize
“Incidence of Orbital Infarction Syndrome Following Endovascular Thrombectomy”